Khuram Malik

Great brands are great at creating conversation. They get their audience talking, interacting and engaged.

Social media is a great vehicle for creating conversation and is a perfect vehicle for enabling the business to take PR into its own hands, so to speak.

This is where Carmen comes in. Carmen is easily one of the most capable persons I have met at creating conversations online. It’s hard to quantify the value gained from community engagement and self-pr, but every business and organisation needs a “Carmen” on their team.

Carmen was doing self-pr and community engagement before it was even a recognized term. To my mind, she is and was a preliminary thought leader in this space.

Further, the  best thing about Carmen is a character that possess both integrity and empathy in huge volumes. Very rare in today’s workplaces, but very much needed.

For a fresh infusion of talent, Carmen is the person to go to.