Get a Return on Investment from Your Online Efforts

Use Smart Social Media

Smart Social Media

Social Media has changed the way companies and brands connect with their customers. Maintaining online relationships takes time and a certain amount of money. You might handle your social media in-house or outsource it to a freelance person or agency. Regardless of who manages your social media, it is often difficult to see a return on investment, if ever you do.

Many people are now disillusioned by social media. They invest a great deal of time and money to increase their follower counts and/or create ads. In hindsight, these efforts failed to meet a crucial business goal - a hard return on investment.

They didn't use smart social media.

One Hundred Followers. One Million Followers.

If your only priority is to gain a lot of followers and your efforts are successful, keep doing what you are doing.

If making a profit is not a concern and seeing a return on investment (with social media) is not a priority then stop reading now. You are one of the fortunate few.

But if you want to see an increase in your social media follower count AND see a return on investment, keep reading.

First, understand one thing. High follower counts do not necessarily translate into a hard return on investment.

Let's say you started to use social media to sell your book at $10 each. You reached 100 followers in the first day and each follower purchased a book on that same day. If you could get 100 followers a day who all purchased a book on that same day then you would be a happy camper. Even if the number of followers a day is 10 and they each purchased a book on the same day, you would still be a happy camper.

Imagine, if every follower you gained could behave in the way you wanted them to. Imagine if you had 1,000 followers let alone 1,000,000 all behaving in the way you wanted them to. You would have the Holy Grail Sweet Spot of Social Media!

Unfortunately that is not the case. The number of followers rarely ever translates into hard dollars.

Metrics. What Are They Good For.

After the hype of Social Media had died down, companies started demanding proof of ROI. Marketers then found ways to define certain metrics that measured online behaviour.

A few common metrics are:
- Online Reach
- Site Traffic
- Audience Engagement
- Generated Leads
- Conversions / Sign-Ups
- Revenue Generated

All these metrics are helpful in measuring how effective your online efforts are. Measuring effectiveness is important in determining the success of your social media strategy. But how successful is your social media strategy when it comes to increasing profit?

Generating revenue is the underlying (unspoken) goal of social media. But revenue is not profit and this fact often gets lost in translation.

Enhanced Social Media. Enhanced Business Development.

Let's face it, social media creates great value when done right. There are many examples of successful social media campaigns. Be it a one time campaign or insightful content mixed with real-time engagement.

Social Media is also a great business development tool. Companies already integrate social media with their advertising, marketing, communications, and PR strategies. In actuality, they are already using social media as an indirect biz dev tool.

What we do is to consciously use social media as an active biz dev tool.

Our strategic 360˚ approach is one way we do this.

Get Smart Social Media.

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