Online Audits

Our Online Audits are like health check-ups with your doctor. We make sure that everything you do online is healthy for your company or brand. It's a way of evaluating the effectiveness of your online efforts. In other words, we make an assessment of your website and social media accounts, to see if they are doing what you initially wanted them to do.

Often, companies stray away from their original online goals. They don't mean to do it intentionally. It just happens. Sometimes, your online needs change. New products and services are introduced, or existing ones have undergone a make over. You'll want to make sure that your online communication reflects these changes. 




We Love Doing Online Audits

Online Audits are a great way for us to get to know your company, from an online perspective. 

It won't cost you anything, other than the few minutes it takes to fill out the form below. 

We'll email your Online Audit to you and you can go over it during your coffee break. We'll also provide a few suggestions for improvements (if there are any). Feel free to share it with others in your company. If you like our suggestions, we encourage you to take them. They're free!

If you would like us to implement our suggestions for you, then we'd be happy to do it, but not for free 🙂

Go ahead and fill out the form below for a FREE Online Audit.